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Explore below to discover how we're leading by example in sustainability — initiatives on this page are illustrations of our commitment to making a meaningful positive impact on the planet and our communities.


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These recent initiatives we took are illustrations of our commitment to making a meaningful positive impact on the planet and our communities. We hope they inspire you to do more, too.

B Corp

B Corp

Today, more and more organizations acknowledge that the meaning of business success needs to expand beyond shareholder profit, and encompass social and environmental goals to build a more inclusive and sustainable society. Many of these gather under the B Corp certification lablel.

Next Level supports organizations desiring to obtain the B Corp certification. How about joining to change the world?


What is B-Corp?

B Corporation, abbreviated as B Corp, is an international business certification originating from the United States, evaluating organizations aiming for sustainable and responsible business practices.

B Corporations (or B Corps), the name given to organizations having obtained the certification, meet high standards of social and environmental performance.

Over 8,000 companies across more than 90 countries around the world have obtained this certification as of 2023. The certification acknowledges that these companies show transparency and accountability in acheiving these standards.



There are many benefits or B Corporation, as the label is instantly recognized for its clear meaning of environmental and social responsibility, among Clients, Partners, and individual such as HR applicants.

  • Gain domestic and international trust
  • Operate beyond industry and national borders
  • Join a world-leading movement
  • Pursue genuine, concrete sustainable actions
  • Attract capital and talented individuals
  • Serve as a beacon for good companies
  • Uphold the company’s mission
  • Connect with like-minded peers globally

Who awards the B Corp certification

B Lab measures companies’ social and environmental performance against the standards in the online B Impact Assessment. B Lab is a US a non-profit company. There is no B Lab certifying entity in Japan at this point, although a B Market Builder Japan preleminiary goup has been established in 2023. So we might be getting closer, but as of today, applications from Japanese organizations must still be submitted directly to B Lab in the US.

The Process

How to get B Corp certified?

The steps to receive the B Corp certification and become a B Corporation, start with completing the B Impact Assessment (BIA) online, conducting a self-assessment of your organization's social and environmental performance.

Next, if your score meets the minimum requirements, you may proceed to the certification process, which includes a detailed documentation review and an interview.

After implementing improvement measures and receiving final approval from B Lab, you are granted certification as a B Corp.

B Corp

B Corp - Official Site

To learn about the B Corp global movement, please visit the B Lab website or drop us a message.