Sell on Amazon Japan
and Rakuten

With more than 50 million monthly average users each, both Amazon and Rakuten are crucial marketplaces in Japan. Are you looking into selling on these? Next Level can help.


Get your products ready for Japan

Opening your Account on Amazon Japan isn’t hard but there’s a few things to know: compliance, manual, app localization, package… And of course your detailed product descriptions in Japanese.

Make your best first impression

Catch Consumers’ attention at first glance, and establish trust in the first seconds with professional contents tailored for Japanese audience, from text and detailed image work including text-in-images in your product descriptions to your brand page.

Advertise and reach more customers

Once your products are here, we can help you with powerful and efficient advertising to generate traffic to your pages and ramp up your sales.

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Member of the Amazon Service Provider Network

As a proud local member of the Amazon Service Provider Network in Japan, Next Level contributes our renowned Trust, Experience and Local Knowledge to your success on Amazon Japan.


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