Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing creates authentic, relevant, and meaningful connections between Consumers and brands sharing similar goals, both for immediate need fulfillment, and for the future collective good.

Sustainable marketing
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The 2010s were about differentiation. Now, differentiation isn’t enough anymore, brands need to stay relevant. Study after study, the impact of sustainability on Consumer Behavior keeps growing. Japanese Consumers are still comparatively less prone to prioritize sustainability in their buying choices, but it’s not an invitation to ignore, it’s an extended opportunity to act: it’s not too late to do the right thing and spread the word.

Make it authentic before you market it

The ever growing avalanche of information leaves Consumers craving for authenticity. Avoid the backlashes of greenwashing. Know when to put your Purpose before your brand. Consumers reward honesty. Educate beyond your brand, about your values, and ways to adopt more sustainable behaviors. Give them a holistic view where your brand is on their map.

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3 R's, 4 R's, 5 R's

Returning, Reusing, Recycling are essential for the planet, make them good for your bottom line too.

Loyalty: blend your recycling and repurposing efforts with your loyalty program for a strengthened bond with your Customers.

Revenue: generating incremental revenue on pre-owned products could be one of the positive outcomes of implementing 3R options, a revenue which could help fund these circular economy measures.

Sustainable Initiatives

How We Can Help

B Corp is an international certification awarded to companies that excel in social and environmental performance, evaluating organizations aiming for sustainable and responsible business practices.

Today, more and more organizations acknowledge that the meaning of business success needs to expand beyond shareholder profit, and also encompass social and environmental goals to buid a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Next Level supports organizations desiring to obtain the B Corp certification. How about joining to change the world?”