Next Level provides you with the local support organization you need to implement your global strategy locally. Our team of Sales Consultants and Marketers implement your strategies to maintain and grow revenue from our markets, without the need for you to invest in a full-fledged structure.

Focused on <br>sales

Focused on

Think of us as your own sales team. We will execute your action plan exactly like your own Area Sales Manager would, with the same speed and transparency.

True to our <br>values

True to our

Our core values of Trust, Experience, Local Knowledge and Transparency, at the center of our sales processes, give you the best base to build your regional expansion.

Global by <br>nature

Global by

Founded in Japan by a Frenchman with over 10 years in US tech companies such as Google and Apple, Next Level is global in nature. When it comes to bridging the gap, we know our stuff.

Multi-country <br>coverage


Founded in Japan but also present in Korea, Australia and France. Helping you grow globally, seamlessly.

Prestigious <br>references


Over the years we’ve helped more than 30 foreign businesses maximise their Japanese opportunity. Some of them are listed below.

And here to <br>stay.

And here to

With over 10 years since inception, we’ve earned the trust of our Japanese partners. But we’re still young. “Still hungry, still foolish.”

Our Services

  • Distribution channel transition / expansion / reorganization,
  • Channel support, coordination
  • Partner research,
  • Ts&Cs negotiation,
  • Product localization support,
  • Partner training / Sales training,
  • Field Marketing,
  • Project Management (Enterprise solutions)
  • Amazon advertising and Digital Marketing (Consumer products),
  • Support process setup,
  • Financing solutions,
  • Company formation,
  • Staffing.

Enterprise Solutions & MedTech

Next Level can help you build relationships with the local Integrators and End Users you target, and support them as your own local Sales Manager or Project Manager would in order to accelerate your first contracts.

Consumer Technologies

Master the Retail Continuum:

With other channels still recovering, optimizing online is ever more important. From tailored localized product pages to Amazon Advertising operation (formerly “Amazon Marketing Services” or “AMS”), we help you make the most of Amazon in our geographies.
As soon as the situation improves, Consumers are look for products on shelves again. Our highly skilled Field Marketers maximize your brand’s exposure in actual shops, and ensure that your brand messages are conveyed to local Consumers.

Meet some of our Members


Sales Consultant

Japan is a big and unique market. I help starting your business and move it to the Next Level in Japan.


Europe Business Development Manager

My deep experience of European sales channels will help your business take off quickly and safely in Europe!


Retail Merchandizer

I'll negotiate the best shelf space for your products in Japanese Retail!

Our References

Capsule Technologies has used Next Level’s sales development support since 2015. At the time we were starting from scratch in Japan. Next Level helped us secure our two first Japanese Clients, and build a strong pipeline of a dozen more today, paving the way for our solutions to be market leaders in Japan as they are in other geographies.
Amel Mokrani
Amel Mokrani

AsiaPac Senior Sales Manager,

Capsule Tech Asia

We contacted Next Level to help introduce our new item into the Japanese market. Next Level approached many candidate distributors for us and helped us select the final candidate. At the same time Next Level also identified a local App partner which saved us the time and effort needed to localize our US smartphone app. We signed our new distributor less than six months into the partnership and got a first order immediately afterwards.
Allen Berger
Allen Berger

MigraineX Marketing Director,

Cirrus Healthcare Products LLC