Earth Day 2023: Planting the seeds of a successful zero-carbon economy

Earth Day 2023

How can businesses gain accurate visibility on their carbon footprint? Then how to get internal support for decarbonization initiatives? And last, how to combine sustainable initiatives and business success? Challenges and solutions from France and Japan.

Next Level - Earth Day 2023

A French Tech Tokyo event

With the support of the French Embassy, and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.

Carbon emission monitoring platforms have been burgeoning overseas and in Japan. Which ones make sense and what transparency do they bring? How can businesses and local governments gain visibility on their carbon footprint, in order to choose the right initiatives to focus on? Then how do they get organization-wide backing to lead the change? And last, is Consumer Awareness high enough to influence purchasing behavior towards sustainable products?

Analize SDGs

Event Details

Date & Time

Fri., April 21, 2023・16:15 JST


English (no translation)


16:30: Event start

Welcome Address

  • Stéphane Zadounaïsky, CEO, Next Level | Member of the Board, La French Tech Tokyo
  • Nicolas Bonnardel, Director, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan


  • France and Europe’s value proposition on Sustainability – Raphaël Keller, Ministre Conseiller, Chef du Service économique régional Japon – Corée du Sud, French Embassy in Japan

Climate Tech: How to get impact visibility and internal support for decarbonization initiatives?

  • Climate Tech: How carbon management software solutions help businesses lead the charge towards net-zero emissions – Thibaut Boiron, Sustainability & Climate Tech Advisor, former Accenture Song, Sustainability & Circular Economy Consultant. [Remote]
  • GHG Management to Enhance Corporate Value – Zeroboard Inc., Michitaka Tokeiji, CEO
  • Unlock energy transparency to reach your decarbonization goals – Metron Japan, Kevin Lesaulnier, Head of Sales Japan & Korea
  • Climate Fresk, MyCO2, 2Tonnes, AXA Climate School: Bringing to Japan climate education solutions made in France – Codo Advisory, Kaori Suzuki, Representative Director & CEO
  • Gaining actionable geographic insights for cities and local governments – Nexqt, Nicolas Megel, Lead Data Scientist – Cities, energy and carbon
  • MyCO2: An interactive workshop to understand your individual carbon footprint, and how to reduce it – MyCO2 Japan, Adrien Pichon

Closing Keynote: Broadening consumer awareness to drive sustainable business success 

  • 2022 findings and 2023 Insights & Trends – TRANSMEDIA Co. Ltd., ethica Web Magazine, Mimi Yamanaka, Designer / Writer [Remote]

– Q&A with audience (15 min)

18:30: Networking cocktail

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