The reason Tanaka Optical chose Next Level as Always On digital marketing partner

Tanaka Optical Holding Company Ltd. (Megane no Tanaka)



  • Headquarters: Hiroshima, Osaka
  • Industry: High-end eyewear retail, contact lenses, hearing aids.


  • Shift from mass marketing to user-oriented,
  • Continuous digital marketing to maximize the effectiveness,
  • Teaming with a partner that understands company’s business challenges and come up with solutions.


  • Next Level suggests digital strategies that consider whole customer journey,
  • Next Level proposes solution for company’s business challenges,
  • Next Level quickly proposes solution with our specific requirements that meets society’s rapid changes.

About Megane no Tanaka

“Megane no Tanaka (Tanaka Optical) was founded in 1913 as Tanaka Gankyou Ten in Hiroshima City, Japan, and in March, 2021, our company celebrated its 108th anniversary.

Since I was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in 2016, my personal commitment is to preserving our traditional core values of delighting customers with excellent quality products and services, as well as bringing those traditional core values to you, our customers, in new, innovative, exciting and enjoyable ways. Our customers’ needs are always changing and we strongly believe that to satisfy our customers’ needs, we also need to change along with them.
As a leader of this change, I took several personal initiatives, among which were: a quantum-leap in modernization of our points of sales, to create unparalleled in-store customer experience launching an industry-first, eyewear-as-a-service, product (NINAL), leveraged digital to provide a seamless, consistent and, Tanaka unique, customer experience at all our touch-points, both online and offline.”

Damian Hall, President & CEO of Tanaka Optical


Tanaka Optical - Subscription service “NINAL”

“We originally did mass advertising without narrowing down the target too much, but in order to keep growing in such a customer-centered era, we started to consider more precise targeting. We also wanted to start always-on digital presence, rather than spot campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of our digital activities.
We needed a partner who understands our business challenges, could come up with suggestions, and quickly propose solutions to new issues.”

Subscription service “NINAL”

A flat-rate service that allows you to choose from over 1,000 types (up to ¥80,000) of high-end, high-quality eyeglasses at any time and replace them at will. The service includes regular eyesight checks and eyewear coordination service.

How did Next Level contribute to Megane no Tanaka’s marketing strategy?

Each digital marketer has different expertises such as creating landing pages, images or videos, building reservation systems, SEO, ads, running social media etc. However, for a customer, it’s a customer journey and considered as one connected service.
With Next Level, we share our business goals and challenges, in addition to our digital advertising goals which is only a part of digital marketing. Based on whats’s shared, Next Level gives us proposals and insights with a broad perspective. Communication strategies, ideas to improve our landing pages, identifying issues from analysis of actual user data are some examples.
Next Level is always quick to respond and prepare new proposals with flexibility even in situations where rapid changes are required, such as disasters and epidemics. 

Miho Koyama
Digital Engagement Manager
Tanaka Optical Holding Company Ltd.(“Megane no Tanaka”)

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