How Ledger reshaped its distribution strategy in Japan

An exclusive interview with Teddy Mulliez, Sales Director of Ledger.

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  • Headquarter Country: France
  • Industry: cryptocurrency hardware and blockchain software technology
  • Hit Products: Ledger Nano, the world’s best selling hardware wallet.


  • Ledger already had a distributor for 2 years when they contacted Next Level. The relationship was initially successful, but communication and negotiation became problematic over time, as many members of the Distributor could only speak Japanese.
  • Visibility: Communication issues lead to a feeling of opacity, and it gradually became clear that the situation could not be solved remotely of just occasionally flying in. There was a need for local presence.


  • Distributor communication improvement, implementation of transparency,
  • Channel restructuring, strengthening digital channels,
  • Marketing asset localisation and ad operation,
  • Reporting, insights and advice.

About Ledger

“Ledger is a provider of a hardware wallet. It is a cryptocurrency wallet which stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. Ledger provides the highest level of security and infrastructure solutions for crypto assets.

More broadly, we are a unique digital security ecosystem that provides protection and is built on a verifiable trust across our people, hardware and software. We provide transparency into how our technology works.
Knowing trust is the greatest way to make our world truly move forward and progress.”

Ledger Nano X, the world leader of cryptocurrency hardware wallet, now wireless.
Ledger Nano X, the world leader of cryptocurrency hardware wallet, now wireless.

How did Next Level contribute to your Japan channel restructuring?

“After a year, we decided to take Amazon direct globally and Next Level enabled us to do just that in Japan. First, they facilitated our discussions with existing partners, so we could create a global and synchronized approach across channels.

Then once the action plan was clear, they took care of out brand registry, designed our Amazon A+ page and enhanced brand contents, our brand store, and created powerful Amazon ads and campaigns that significantly increased our visibility.

Next Level became our Attorney for the Custom Procedure (ACP) and set up our FBA fulfillment process.”

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The world’s best hardware wallet

The Ledger Nano X is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to securely transact on-the-go using a smartphone device and the Ledger Live companion app anywhere in the world without the need to connect to a computer.

Can you mention a few concrete results?

Beyond online, Next Level also contributed our expansion by identifying promotion channels using their contacts in the Japanese crypto currency world.
We now enjoy an adequate level of transparency with our distributor, I spend less time on the plane, and doing business is much easier than it used to be!
Next Level’s advice about Japanese business practices and culture is also quite useful.

Teddy Mulliez
Sales Director

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