How Ellcie Healthy got the best out of CEATEC thanks to Next Level

An exclusive interview with Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Ellcie Healthy



  • Headquarter Country: France
  • Industry: Eyewear / wearables
  • Hit Products: Connected glass frames for fall detection and driving drowsiness.

Why Japan?

  • With Japanese population aging, and the limits we know of conventional fall detection for elderly citizens: limit range and acceptance of video-based systems, huge false positives of wrist-based wearables, acceptance issues of other types of wearables, we believe there’s an opportunity for connected eyewear in Japan.
  • Eyewear if the only piece of hardware that low eyesight senior citizens cannot live without. Our products are the lightest, least intrusive ones on the market.
  • For drivers as well a non-intrusive, lightweight device like ours can literally save lives.

About Ellcie Healthy

“Ellcie Healthy is a provider of connected eyewear using facial movement recognition and head movement analysis to detect and prevent driver drowsiness and elderly citizen falls. And we’re working hard on upcoming additional applications ;)”

Ellcie Healthy CEO Philippe Peyrard demonstrating products to Japanese prospects at CEATEC 2019, Oct. 2019
Ellcie Healthy CEO Philippe Peyrard demonstrating products to Japanese prospects at CEATEC 2019, Oct. 2019

How will your trip to Japan contribute to your business expansion into the country?

“This second trip to Japan was a milestone for us on at least four aspects:

  • it was our first time exhibiting at a Japanese trade show, CEATEC 2019, at the invitation of JETRO,
  • that presence was the occasion for us to gather dozens of leads, both from B2B corporations and distributors, which was way beyond our expectations,
  • it was also our first time doing a joint even with our local partner, Next Level, which supported and exhibited with us. We wouldn’t have had a fraction of the return without a local partner to coordinate and follow up on our behalf.
  • we added a bunch of productive B2B meetings, efficiently organized by Business France. I was impressed how all these entities work well together in the field.”
Ellcie Healthy

What was the role of the French Tech Tokyo in your trip?

“We couldn’t have exhibited at CEATEC without the French Tech Tokyo team. The French Tech team’s good relationship with JETRO enabled them to get invitations, and after we were introduced by Next Level, we were picked as the winner for this year. We couldn’t be more thankful to that great team.”

You were indeed selected by JETRO to exhibit at CEATEC, can you tell us more your return from the show, and your recommendations for other startups for next year?

We were honestly really impressed by the turnout. The flyers we had prepared were gone by the end of Day 1, and the business cards by the end of Day 2. There was no time for lunch breaks! We got a level of interest beyond expectations from large Japanese companies, resellers and trade houses, and even individuals from unrelated industries as end users for their own elderly.
We really warmly thank JETRO for making all this possible and for providing a first-class welcome and support from the airport to all the duration of the show, and would definitely encourage startups to look into joining next year.

Philippe Peyrard
Founder & CEO
Ellcie Healthy

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