How AMA took off in Japan with Next Level

An exclusive interview with Thomas Waendendries, VP Sales & Marketing, AMA.



  • Headquarter Country: UK
  • Industry: Remote Assistance
  • Hit Product: XpertEye, a remote assistance platform used by global companies for assisted reality, dynamic workflow management, and online scheduling. Applications include assistance, inspection, and training.


  • Large scale ramp-up
  • Before contacting Next Level, AMA had global Clients with presence in Japan, but no way to service them, and no sales force to expand to new local Japanese Clients.


  • AMA selected Next Level initially to deploy its technology and train its existing Clients with needs in Japan. Then, for the sales expansion and marketing effort, we added a sales resource to build pipeline through events, and directly approaching new prospects.
  • When AMA established its own entity, Next Level also recruited its Japan Country Manager.

About AMA

“While most video conferencing tools quickly prove their limits outside the office, AMA’s smart workplace allows experts and frontline workers to collaborate remotely on any device via a secure software platform, perfectly tailored to each business.
With seven years of proven experience in remote assistance solutions, AMA is helping medical institutions and industrial organizations of all sizes accelerate their digital transformation. Our market-leading XpertEye Assisted Reality platform has been deployed in more than 100 countries, addressing a wide range of applications like remote diagnostics, inspection, scheduling, and workflow management. These unequaled remote interactive collaboration solutions empower our customers to improve productivity, speed up resolution time, and maximize uptime.
AMA is a fast-growing company with offices in Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Romania, Spain, the UK, and the USA – allows us to work in every time zone and reach our customers wherever they are. AMA is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (GB00BNKGZC51 – ALAMA).
More information on www.amaxperteye.com

AMA exhibits at Maintenance & Resilience Tokyo 2021, November 24-26, 2021
AMA exhibits at Maintenance & Resilience Tokyo 2021, November 24-26, 2021

How did Next Level contribute to your business expansion into the country?


“Our initial need was to support our existing global Clients’ local subsidiaries make use of our platform. Next Level identified and hired our trilingual Japan Project and Implementation Manager.
Next Level took care of the selection process and onboarded our resource quickly and easily without any of the legal / HR / administrative hassles that would have been needed if we had decided to set our own local subsidiary at that point. Next Level then added a Sales resource with the same flexibility and ease for us.
Proceeding without Next Level would have required involvement of many internal divisions, selection of external providers, such as accountants, legal counsel, recruiters, etc. There’s no way we could have completed all the process in less than 6 months, assuming we got all mandatory approvals promptly. With Next Level, we were up and running in a matter of weeks.
Once we validated traction in the Japanese market, we decided to set up our own local entity. Next Level hired our Country Manager for AMA XpertEye K.K., and we were also able to transition Next Level’s dedicated staff to AMA XpertEye K.K. seamlessly.
Next Level is also well connected with the local ecosystem, facilitated us exhibiting at many trade shows, and offered us visibility opportunities at French Tech / French Chamber of Commerce in Japan events.”

Always solutions, never problems!

All the complexities related to establishing an office: real estate, accounting, legal, HR, payments, event applications, suppliers, telecoms, everything was seamlessly taken care of, and required none of my time. I was able to focus on solely our Clients from the get go. Whenever I needed something, Next Level would support and would always be here with solutions, never problems. The office in central Tokyo was pleasant and convenient, and exchanging with the team was always stimulating.
Starting from scratch, especially during Covid could have been stressful and even challenging. Next Level provided total peace of mind, taking all the admin hassles out of the way. ”
Nicolas-Kazouo Doi started as AMA Project Manager before joining AMA XpertEye K.K as Technical Account Manager.

Thomas Waendendries
VP Sales & Marketing

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