Driving Success: Withings and Next Level's 10-Year Journey in Japan


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  • Headquarter Country: France

  • Industry: Consumer Tech (HealthTech)

  • Hit Products: Connected Body Scales, Smartwatches, Blood Pressure Monitors, Sleep Trackers.

  • Main Channels: Amazon, Big Box Retail, Specialty Retail.


  • When Withings reached out to Next Level in 2014, their current distributor was not meeting the desired results.

  • Withings needed to reassess its distribution partner and possibly consider changing distributors.


  • Withings initially collaborated with a part-time Account Manager who coordinated their relationship with their first distributor. This Account Manager later assisted in exploring alternatives and facilitated the signing with SB C&S in 2015.

  • As the business expanded, Next Level played a crucial role in enhancing Withings’ visibility both in physical retail and online platforms such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo.

In an exclusive interview, Teddy Mulliez, Head of Consumer Sales of Withings S.A., shared insights into their strategic collaboration with Next Level.


The Problem Solving Phase

In 2014, Withings reached out to Next Level to evaluate our  distribution strategy in Japan and enhance our go-to-market approach. Recognizing the need for local expertise, we chose Next Level for their profound understanding of the Japanese retail landscape and their adaptable, budget-friendly solutions.

The initial audit revealed that we needed to switch distributors and engage a local representative to effectively drive our business. By early 2015, we signed a Distributor Agreement with SB C&S, who remains our partner to this day.

Teddy Mulliez, Head of Consumer Sales of Withings S.A.


Next Level’s expertise in Amazon ads and other online platforms serves as an essential complement to the distributor’s fulfillment capabilities.

With a laser-focused approach to execution, Next Level consistently delivers successful campaign results for Prime Day, Black Friday, and other key events.

Withings’ product range includes a Connected Body Scale, Smartwatch, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Sleep Tracker, all designed for comprehensive health monitoring.

Back to Growth

“Our sales quickly gained momentum, achieving our desired results and increasing our visibility both online and in retail.

Next Level supplemented SB C&S’s robust sales capabilities with meticulous execution at the point-of-sale level, ensuring our market leader visibility matched that of other regions.” Mulliez adds.


Retail Execution

When we decided to expand to offline Retail, Next Level’s knowledge of the Retail environment and challenges was of great value.

We could then measure against our target and see the results of our efforts.

From Product Readiness
to Promo Execution

Despite significant organizational changes since 2014, including two M&A events and brand transitions, Next Level has consistently delivered the right level of support at the right cost. We continue to rely on Next Level for product content localization, Japanese regulatory checks, app validation, distributor coordination, and promotion planning and execution.

Our Account Manager is always prompt in addressing issues, offering solutions, and providing workarounds. This January, we proudly celebrated our 10th year of partnership, and we are confident in Next Level’s support as we launch this year’s lineup of groundbreaking products in Japan.

Teddy Mulliez, Head of Consumer Sales of Withings S.A.
Handing our Withings Activité to Emmanuel Macron
Handing our Withings Activité to Emmanuel Macron, then French Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, Tokyo, October 2015.

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