Earth Day 2022: How emerging brands embrace sustainability

Earth Day 2022: How emerging brands embrace sustainability

and how established brands could learn from them.

Find Inspiration for your Brand

While established brands had to reengineer their processes to align with environmental emergencies, some emerging brands decided to embrace sustainability and environmental values at their core, and build their products, services and processes on top.

Enabling Materials and Technologies

Replace plastic with sugar cane in cosmetic containers, introduce vegetable leather, improve battery efficiency… Learn about some technologies and materials that will contribute to keep our environment sustainable, and how you can leverage in your products too.


| Brands
02:10 Steve Bidinger Founder & CEO Skai Beauty Inc.
09:16 Kentaro Ohtani, Rika Asoya, Mimi Yamanaka, ethica Web Magazine TRANSMEDIA Co.,Ltd

| Materials & Technologies
21:23 Jim Huang Director PEEL Lab K.K.
28:49 Pepe Costa Founder & CEO, CEO, CEO at Augusto Bellini
38:30 Tadashi Kubo Co-Founder & CEO AC Biode

| The Sustainability Transition Ecosystem
44:40 Stéfan Le Dû Representative Director & COO Codo Advisory
57:45 Maximilien Petitgenet Founder & CEO Purple Pepper

| Questions & Answers

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Fri., April 22, 2022・17:00 JST (10:00 CET)

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